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Why Am I So Tired? : A First Look at Childhood Diabetes




Publication Date         2008
Age Display               3-5 years
Publisher                   B.E.S. Publishing
Author                      Pat Thomas
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       29
ISBN                         9780764138997


Only a few generations ago, children who suffered from diabetes seldom survived to adulthood. Thanks to medical research, that situation has dramatically changed for the better. Children learn what diabetes is and the importance of taking their medication on schedule and maintaining a correct diet to ensure that they enjoy long, active, and productive lives. All titles in the very helpful “A First Look at. . . ” series speak directly to preschool and early-grades children, encouraging them to explore their feelings and talk to trusted elders about ways of dealing with things that bother them. Some problems discussed in these books are passing in nature and can be solved with relative ease. Others, like those treated in this new title, encourage children who have long-term health problems to trust in the professional medical care that they require, and not be frightened by it. The book features child-friendly color illustrations on every page. A brief section at the end of the book presents specific advice and information for parents.