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Who Feels Scared?


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Publication Date         7/3/1905
Publisher                   Free Spirit Publishing
Author                      Slue Graves
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       28
ISBN                         9781575423746


From pets to grown-ups, everybody sometimes feels fear. And children, grown-ups, and animals aren’t all afraid of the same things. Jack and his friends Ravi and Kevin discover this when they have a sleepover one that unexpectedly includes a few scares! This cheerful and reassuring story shows that positive coping skills can help kids deal with fear, and children can be brave even when things seem scary. At the end of the book, a special section for adults suggests ideas for gently guiding kids to talk about feeling frightened and how to deal with that emotion. In addition, a series of pictures invites kids to tell a story in their own words about being afraid. Ideal for home and K–3 classroom settings.