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When The World Went Inside: Talking COVID -19




Publication Date         1/5/2020
Publisher                   Charlie Golding
Author                      Charlie Golding
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       28
ISBN                         9780646818450


Talking COVID-19 with kids – living through a pandemic and moving safely on.
A book for the children of 2020, When The World Went Inside is a fun, informative and reassuring family read.
Intended for children aged 3-10 the book tells the story of the changes to Theo’s Life.
Theo loves his life just the way it is.
He loves camping, hanging out at the beach, riding his bike, gardening with his Granny and having sleepovers with his friends. Suddenly Theo can’t do what he loves, and he is not at all happy about it!
When The World Went Inside is there to help kids understand why their lives have been so altered by COVID-19. The story acts as a conversation starter between adults and children talking about the virus and gently encouraging children to take simple precautions to protect themselves. The book offers reassurance that there is an end, and we are well on our way to getting there. This gently written book doesn’t shy away from a difficult subject. It attempts to find fun, without making fun, of this profound and difficult subject.