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What’s My Cat Thinking?


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Publication Date 2021
Publisher DK
Author Jo Lewis
Format Hardcover
Pages 192
ISBN 9780241500934


About What’s My Cat Thinking?

Unlock the secret code of cats for a deeper connection with the feline in your life.

Have you ever wondered why your cats behave the way they do? This authoritative guide has all the answers!

Cats can be quite sensitive to their surroundings, and sometimes their behaviour can leave you scratching your head. Discover what’s really behind those things cats do – whether they’re amusing, irritating, or just downright bizarre.

What’s My Cat Thinking will help cat lovers build a deeper connection with the feline in their lives. Inside, you’ll find:

– Accurate descriptions of behaviour will help you understand your cat’s body language nuances and act accordingly
– “Advanced Catwatching” features put the spotlight on key behaviours such as sofa-scratching
– “Survival Guides” offer top tips for managing challenges such as moving house, or introducing a new cat into the family.
– A fun book for cat people that delivers practical, helpful advice from acknowledged experts on a range of tricky or puzzling cat behaviours
– Drawing on animal behaviour psychology and the latest research, it reveals what’s really behind the amusing, endearing, or downright weird things cats do.

Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps on your keyboard, why they bully the dog, or why they insist on drinking from the bathroom tap or if they even like you? Cats (unlike the dogs they look down on!) are not always easy to understand. This cat psychology book will show you that they do show their feelings, albeit subtly, in the way they relate to you, other animals, and their home environment.

Stunning illustrations of a wide range of breeds and informative text will help you understand your cat’s body language, so you know when they are happy and when they aren’t! Aside from learning to understand your cat, this guide includes “catwatching” spreads that provide helpful tips and advice on dealing with some common kitty challenges like moving home and introducing a new cat into the family. So when they are sitting on your head at 4 am, you will at least know why!DK