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We are Adopted




Publication Date         2007
Age Display               12-17 years
Publisher                   B.E.S. Publishing
Author                      Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       36
ISBN                         9780764137877


A little girl is very excited because now she has a baby brother–an adopted baby brother. A few years earlier, she too had been adopted. Like the children in this story, adopted kids learn that their adoptive parents wanted them very much, and love them very dearly. As preschool and early-grades children read these illustrated What Do You Know About? Books , or have them read to them, they will be encouraged to explore their own feelings about problems that might be bothering them, or to find answers to a wide array of questions that puzzle them. The books have appealing color illustrations on every page, and each title features a short section of advice to parents.