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Up in the Air




Publication Date 2021
Publisher DK
Author Zoe Armstrong
Format Hardcover
Pages 64
ISBN 9780241461402


About Up in the Air
Look up! What do you see? This charming nature book will encourage children to look, listen, and feel nature all around.

From cloud patterns to constellations, the chirrup of a single sparrow to the trees that rustle in the wind – the beauty of nature is everywhere. This children’s book is perfect for cultivating a love of natural science.

Inside this beautifully illustrated children’s guide, Up In The Air you’ll discover:

– Cross-curriculum science topics covering botany, ornithology, meteorology and more
– Charming illustrations that help your little one develop their sky-watching skills – perfect for young readers between the ages of 7-9
– Plant and animal species that live above us from all around the world
– A guide to bird watching for kids, cloud spotting and identifying different constellations of stars

Up In The Air looks at the habitats above our heads, uncovering the insects that make their homes in tree trunks and the animals that move from tree to tree in towering rainforests. Young readers will discover the joy nature can bring to us, and build on their understanding of the natural world.

This nature activity book for kids is the perfect introduction to climatology, astronomy and the intricacies of flora and fauna life. Children will learn about Earth’s ecosystem and understand why living things are vital for our planet’s future, whether they are insects pollinating plants, or trees helping to make the air we breathe.DK