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u is for urchin




Publication Date 2021
Publisher DK
Author DK
Format Boardbook
Pages 16
ISBN 9780241471708


Turn storytime into a fun learning experience with this charming alphabet book about urchins!

Introduce your little one to these spiny sea creatures! This gorgeously illustrated children’s book teaches kids urchin-related first words beginning with the letter U.

Get ready to meet ultra-spikey urchins! The friendly, read-aloud text and exciting illustrations will capture the attention of young nature-lovers in no time! Babies and toddlers will love learning new words about urchins while practicing their U letter sound. This baby book is ideal for promoting early learning and language development.

U is for underneath! Did you know that underneath an urchin’s spine is a hard shell called a test? Packed with bright pictures and short text, this engaging animal book provides curious kids with lots to talk about and look at!DK