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The Tall Man and the Small Mouse




Publication Date         2019
Age Display               3+
Publisher                   Walker Books
Author                      Mara Bergman
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9781406366211


On a tall hill, in a tall house, lived a tall man and a small mouse… All day long, the Tall Man does tall things that need doing, like picking apples and untangling swings and fixing all the broken things. But, one day, the huge town clock simply stops TICKING and TOCKING and DINGING! Whatever will the Tall Man do? However hard he tries, he just doesn’t have a clue! Perhaps now is just the right time for the perfect little friend to come along? From Mara Bergman and Birgitta Sif, creator of Oliver and Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance, comes an enchanting new story of friendship and teamwork; a modern fable of little and large.