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The Painter’s Studio Handbook : Tools and Techniques




Publication Date         2012
Age Display               General
Publisher                   Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Author                      Simon Fletcher
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       160
ISBN                         9781408145371


Packed with need-to-know information, this handbook should be every painter’s companion in the studio. With students and painters with limited time in mind, chapters focus on essentials: colours required for a basic palette; preparing a support; which are the most vibrant and permanent pigments etc., while describing how materials and
techniques have developed over the centuries and how to apply them for the best results.The emphasis on practical advice will appeal to artists who like to explore and experiment, are economically minded, or simply find satisfaction in doing it all themselves. The author includes recipes for making glazes, acrylic ground, gesso and pastel sticks; information on photographing and archiving work yourself; a guide to setting up a studio; and the results of the author’s own extensive testing of materials from paints to papers.The Painter’s Studio Handbook is an ideal quick reference work for artists working in all media wanting to get started with a minimum of fuss with their painting or drawing.