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The Monster Doctor Revolting Rescue


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Publication Date         24/12/2020
Publisher                   Pan Macmillan UK
Author                      John Kelly
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       224
ISBN                         9781529021332


WARNING! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. There’s been a major Q-T incident reported in Cringetown – we need the monster doctor, stat! Q-Ts are highly dangerous to all monsters – they have huge eyes, tiny noses, squeaky high-pitched voices and are covered in a disgustingly soft fur-like material. Physical contact with these revolting creatures is to be avoided AT ALL COSTS! Ozzy is an ordinary human – an unusual trait for a monster doctor in training! – and he can’t understand why monsters are so scared of these Q-Ts. So when the doctor receives a desperate phone call reporting a Q-T sighting, she and Ozzy race to save the horrible creature before the abominable Inspector Pincher arrives… Monster Doctor: Revolting Rescue is the second in a howlingly hilarious series of monster adventures from John Kelly that will have you laughing your head off…literally.