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The Magic of Sleep




Publication Date         4/3/2021
Publisher                   DK
Author                      Vicky Woodgate
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       72
ISBN                         9780241444146


Dive into the weird and wonderful world of sleep, from the science behind dreams to a peek into animal sleeping habits, in this incredible book for children aged 7 to 9.

We spend about 26 years of our lives sleeping, but how much do you really know about what happens when your head hits the pillow? Flick through the charming illustrated pages and discover:

– What is sleep, and why do we need it?
– Who’s still awake across the globe when you are tucked up in bed?
– The history of sleep, including the evolution of the bed and the significance of dreams in myths and legends
– How does sleep differ in the animal kingdom? From polyphasic sleeping lions and nocturnal raccoons to birds high in the sky and whales in the ocean
– What happens to plants when the sun sets?
– Practical tips and tricks to help you improve your bedtime routine

The Magic of Sleep answers all your questions about what goes on in your head when you snooze, including the difference between light and deep sleep, where dreams come from, and how essential sleep is to staying healthy. Discover fascinating facts about how people slept in the past, and how people sleep in different ways around the world. Did you know that the oldest mattress was found in South Africa and is 77,000 years old? Vivid and engaging illustrations by Vicky Woodgate bring the topic to life.

As well as humans, learn about the sleeping habits of other animals, from bears hibernating to how bats sleep upside down. Even plants sleep! Finally, learn how you can get a proper night’s sleep with practical tips and ideas for meditation to calm your mind before bedtime. This book is ideal for children who have difficulty getting to sleep, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about how our brains and bodies work.