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The Lost War Dog


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Publication Date 2020
Publisher Puffin
Author Megan Rix
Format Paperback
Pages 240
ISBN 9780241455555


The brave, difficult and ultimately hopeful journey across wartime Germany of two best friends and the dog who brought them together. Tilly and Gretchen have been best friends all their lives, and Gretchen adores Tilly’s beloved pet dachshund Wuffly like he’s her own. But tensions are high in Germany in 1938. Tilly’s Jewish family are in danger – and Gretchen’s father is a train driver in the employ of the Nazis. Before long, Tilly is sent to England as part of the Kindertransport rescue mission. Heartbroken, she has to leave Wuffly and Gretchen behind. So begins an epic adventure as Gretchen makes the decision to follow her best friend and reunite her with her beloved dog – but when they touch down in England, Wuffly is immediately taken away. How will each of them fare, as German evacuees in England? And will the three friends ever be reunited in safety…?Puffin