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The Lonely Giant


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Publication Date         3/8/2017
Publisher                   Walkerbooks
Author                      Sophie Ambrose
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9781406373301


A heart-warming story about a giant who, after destroying his forest home, must learn the true value of the natural world.
A modern fable, The Lonely Giant is a story of conserving the environment, friendship and freedom. The forest giant likes nothing better than smashing, bashing and pulling up trees. But when all the animals run away in fear, the giant finds himself so very sad and lonely. How he misses the crackling warmth of a fire; how he misses the sweet, melodious songs of the birds! Can the lonely giant find a way to bring back the woodland bloom, and even make some friends? Beautifully illustrated, this is a tender, poignant tale of learning to nurture, value and respect the natural world.