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The Heart of a Ninja for Kids: It’s Play Time!




Publication Date         12/9/2019
Publisher                   Welldone Life,LLC
Author                      Chris Warnky
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       180
ISBN                         9780999333150


Do you love American Ninja Warrior? Would you like to become a ninja? If so, this is the book for you.Author Chris Warnky developed a ninja heart by training as a ninja warrior. He describes how he “won” as a ninja without even being invited to compete on the show. Find out how he won and how he accomplished his goals. Enjoy the ride as you walk along with him on his stimulating journey, and see how you can win through ninja training too.This book is about our hearts, minds, and bodies. Chris shares: -Insights into the ninja warrior experience-How to play and become a ninja yourself-12 key traits of ninjas and how they can help you-Tips from other ninja warriorsYou will learn how to better take on and beat the obstacles that you face. Enjoy the exciting ninja path that Chris is experiencing, his personal stories, and see how you, too, can gain from the ninja experience and love your life even more.Chris Warnky is the father of American Ninja Warrior favorite Michelle Warnky. He has competed in many competitions including the American Ninja Warrior 2017 Cleveland City Qualifier and several National Ninja League qualifiers. Chris is a Movement Lab Ohio Ninja Lite instructor. He is an executive and life coach and a certified coach, speaker, and trainer. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. This is just one in a series of books he has written about his ninja warrior experience.