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The Extraordinary Life of Stephen Hawking




Publication Date         2019
Age Display               7-12 years
Publisher                   Penguin Random House
Author                      Kate Scott
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       128
ISBN                         9780241373927


When Stephen Hawking was told at the age of twenty-one that he only had a few years to live, it made him more determined than ever to find out the answers to life’s big questions. Diagnosed with motor-neurone disease as a young man, Stephen defied the odds and lived to the age of 76 – and his scientific discoveries changed the world . . .From building model aeroplanes as a child to travelling all over the globe and experiencing a zero-gravity flight, Stephen Hawking’s life was extraordinary from beginning to end. Extraordinary Lives is a bold new series about the lives of incredible historical and modern figures, full of narrative biography, timelines, fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations.