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Target Your Maths Year 4


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Publication Date         2014
Publisher                   Elmwood Education
Author                      Elmwood Education
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       143
ISBN                         9781906622282


The new Target Your Maths series has been written to fully support the renewed 2014 National Curriculum Framework. The structure as set out in Appendices II and III of the Answer Book enables teachers to develop concepts progressively throughout the year and provides pupils with frequent opportunities to consolidate previous learning.

Each single or double page lesson in this book is divided into four sections:

Introduction: the learning intention expressed as a target and, where necessary, clearly worked examples.
Section A: activities based upon work previously covered. This generally matches the requirements for Year 3 pupils. This section can be used to remind children of work previously covered, as well as providing material for the less confident child.
Section B: activities based upon the requirements for Year 4 pupils. Most children should be able to work successfully at this level.
Section C: activities providing extension material for the faster workers and for those who need to be moved quickly onto more challenging tasks. The work in this section generally matches the requirements for Year 5 pupils. Problems in Section C can also provide useful material for discussion in the plenary session.