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Talk, Talk, Squawk! : How and Why Animals Communicate




Publication Date         2014
Age Display               7+
Publisher                   Walker Books
Author                      Nicola Davies
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       40
ISBN                         9781406357486


An exciting new edition of a brilliantly funny book about how and why animals communicate. From the team behind Poo, Extreme Animals, What’s Eating You? and Just the Right Size comes another funny and informative book on animal biology, this time looking at how and why animals communicate – for the purposes of mating, gathering food, warning of danger, and many many more. Biologist and children’s writer Nicola Davies takes the reader all over the world and across a wide variety of enthralling species to discover the mysteries behind animal communciation, accompanied by Neal Layton’s funny and colourful drawings – solid biology told with great wit and style.