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Start – Up Citizenship :Making Choices


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Publication Date         2007
Age Display               12-17 years
Author                      Louise Spilsbury
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9780237532635


A perfect introduction to Citizenship for young children, this exciting new series has been developed specifically to support the units in the Citizenship Schemes of Work. Key information is presented through a combination of simple, clear text, and strong visual images, while questions ask the reader to express their own views about topics relating to Citizenship. The large format of the book enhances this, presenting an ideal opportunity for detailed exploration and discussion. Key words are highlighted in a vocabulary border, and each title provides extensive notes for teachers – an ideal resource for class discussion and activities. “Making Choices” looks at the kinds of choices we have to make in life, and what influences those choices, including rules, advertising and notions of right/wrong. It explores how we choose to spend money and how we choose our friends. It also looks at the choices we need make to keep safe and to live a healthy life.