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Potato Chip Science Book and Stuff




Publication Date         2010
Age Display               8+
Publisher                   Workman Publishing
Author                      A.Kurzweil &Son
Format                      Mix media product
Pages                       96
ISBN                         9780761148258


Mmmm, science! Imaginative science, brilliant science, environmental science – all wrapped up in the kind of idea that comes along once in a decade. “Potato Chip Science” is the genius book and stuff that introduces dozens of experiments using potato chip bags, potato chips, lids, tubes, and spuds. Like “Pop Bottle Science” (501,0000 copies in print) and the “Hand in Hand with Nature” series, it dazzlingly marries the fun of creative (and completely safe) activities with lessons drawn from ecology, biology, forensics, acoustics, aeronautics, optics, propulsion, hydrodynamics, and more. Make a chip tube gobble like a turkey. Fire the pocket-size potato propulsion pipe. Build a balloon-powered chip mobile. Power the ingenious digital clock (it’s included!) with the mysterious potato ‘battery.’ Create a shrunken potato head. Launch the bag blaster – and when the weather’s right, go fly a potato-chip-bag kite. The book is 96 pages and filled with experiments, interesting modifications, scientific principles, and 100 per cent saturated facts.