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Pop Bottle Science




Publication Date         2004
Age Display               More 9+
Publisher                   Workman Publishing
Author                      Lynn Brunelle
Format                      Novelty book
Pages                       96
ISBN                         9780761129806


The Pop Bottle bottle is a perfect miniature science lab – see through, flexible, air-tight when necessary, made out of a durable, shatter-proof plastic and designed with a removable top that doubles as a funnel. The Pop Bottle book is a lively, fully illustrated 96-page guide to astonishment. Each experiment begins with a challenge and ends with an explanation of the scientific principles involved. Kids can design a volcano and watch it erupt. Create a tornado-maker and see how twisters work. Make quicksand – is it solid or liquid? Observe photosynthesis in action. Simulate Jupiter’s giant red spot, investigate buoyancy, demonstrate inertia, and discover the Bernoulli principal – which allows planes to fly. Plus turn the bottle into a barometer, a thermometer, walkie-talkie, trombone, compass – or groovy lava lamp.