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Mysterious You Baa!


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Publication Date         2011
Age Display               12-17 years
Publisher                   Kids Can Press
Author                      Cynthia Pratt Nicolson
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       40
ISBN                         9781550748864


The Mysterious You series explores the mysteries of the human body using an exciting mix of thoroughly researched factual information, amazing anecdotes and surprising try-it activities. In Baa!, kids unravel the mysteries of genes and see how traits like dimples and hair colour are passed down through their family tree. They can then explore the secrets of cloning — what it is and what changes it may bring in the future. Kids can learn about * natural selection * genetic mutations * DNA and forensics * gene mapping * cloning in nature and in the lab * future predictions With simple language and kid-friendly examples, Baa! helps demystify an intriguing, but often difficult-to-grasp, subject in a way that kids can understand.