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My First Book of Tagalog Words : An ABC Rhyming Book of Filipino Language and Culture




Publication Date         2018
Age Display               3-8 years
Publisher                   Tuttle Publishing
Author                      Liana Romuto
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9780804850148


My First Book of Tagalog introduces preschool children to the Tagalog language; the standardized national language of the Philippines which has been influenced by both Spanish and English. Everyday words important in Filipino culture are presented in a playful and approachable ABC structure that makes learning fun and easy. Studies have shown that kids this age are developing language skills at a rapid rate and absorbing everything they are hearing. Learning new words in two different languages at this age is entirely possible! The rhyming aspect of this book reinforces learning and children will be delighted by the marvelous Filipino family that they meet on every colourful page. An introduction to the sounds of Tagalog words along with kid-friendly notes on linguistics and culture throughout makes learning a new language a positive experience for youngsters and adults alike.