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My Book of Beautiful Oops! : A Scribble It, Smear It, Fold It, Tear It Journal for Young Artists




Publication Date          2015
Age Display                3-14 years
Author                      Barney Saltzberg
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       52
ISBN                         9780761189503


An interactive follow-up to the unique and inspiring Beautiful Oops! art activity book encourages young readers to turn every mistake into something beautiful. The friendly, frolicsome alligator from the original book guides readers through the various folded, crumpled, torn, die-cut, bent, smudged, and lift-the flap spreads, prompting them to see what beautiful art they can make out a material that many would consider trash: Finish the words on a torn piece of paper to make a poem. Turn this ink spill into a piece of art. Rip a picture out of the book, tear it into pieces, and use the scraps to create a new piece of art. The sky is the limit!