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Minecraft Maps: An Explorer’s guide to Minecraft


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Publication Date         3/10/2019
Publisher                   Egmont
Author                      Mojang AB
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       80
ISBN                         9781405294546


Are you ready for an adventure?

Minecraft Maps is a visual guide to the Minecraft landscape, created by an explorer on a quest to find the most valuable loot whilst avoiding danger. Explore each of the fifteen major biomes through highly detailed, illustrated maps, then read the explorer’s notes about the unique features and discover an inspirational themed build idea for each.

A beautifully illustrated visual guide in its own right, Minecraft Maps is also a survival tool. You’ll learn which biomes are home to the most dangerous mobs, where to look for to exclusive blocks, how to find naturally generated structures and the best places to search for loot. Once you’ve discovered each biome you can get building – construct an ice palace in the ice plains biome and an entire village suspended in the tree canopy above the jungle floor.