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Little Red & Sly (English/Spanish)




Publication Date         2002
Age Display               5-9 years
Publisher                   Mantra Lingua
Author                      David Mills
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       24
ISBN                         9781852696627


Little Red’s noisy neighbour, Mrs Fox, is hungry for roast chicken. First though, her son Sly has to catch one. How can Little Red outfox her neighbours and save herself from ending up on their dinner plates? In this fresh twist on the traditional tale of ‘The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen’, Sly the fox and Little Red join forces to outwit Sly’s bossy mother. Thanks to the clever little hen, they find a cunning way to feed the family of foxes and to save Little Red’s skin too. ‘Don’t Cry, Sly!’ offers a humorous new take on this famous tale. By presenting the story from both characters’ perspectives, it encourages young readers to develop their sense of empathy and their awareness of others: who do we sympathise with in the story and why? What might change our feelings towards the characters? Set to become a classroom staple, this modern adaptation encourages creative problem solving and collaboration as well as offering scope for discussing PSHE topics such as the importance of kindness, good deeds and compromise.