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Let’s Go Swimming!


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Publication Date         2019
Age Display               1+
Publisher                   Walker Books
Author                      Caryl Hart
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9781406361858


Bee pulls her shoes and socks off, Billy builds a heap of clothes. They wriggle into SWIMSUITS… Ready? Steady? GO! Join Billy and Bee in the fourth instalment of this “First Experiences” series set in the urban city centre. Today let’s go …SWIMMING! The two friends wriggle into their swimsuits quickly, because there’s so much fun to be had –
jumping, splashing, kicking, playing pirates and, finally, floating on their backs like giggly, squiggly starfish! Gorgeously illustrated, this is a bouncy celebration of a first pool experience, perfect for reading with a toddler learning, or about to learn, how to swim.