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Learn to Draw Dinosaurs




Publication Date 2014
Publisher Peter Pauper Press
Format Paperback
Pages 48
ISBN 9781441312778


Draw 22 awesome dinosaurs!
Simple step-by-step instructions — just follow the red lines!
Draw T. Rexes, Pterosaurs, and more!
Trace over extra outlines and basic dino shapes to build confidence.
Room to practice on opposing pages.
Full-color illustrations.
For older kids ages 6 and up.
Book measures 8-1/2 inches wide by 11 inches high.
Young artists learn to draw by tracing helpful outlines and basic shapes, then follow the step-by-step illustrations — the red lines in each step make completing each drawing a breeze. Kids can then use their new skills (and imagination) to draw in colorful background scenes throughout!Peter Pauper Press