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La La La: A Story of Hope




Publication Date         2018
Age Display               4+
Publisher                   Walker Books
Author                      Kate DiCamillo
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       72
ISBN                         9781406379884


A nearly wordless story following a little girl in search of someone who understands… “Kim has created sumptuous images. DiCamillo’s text leaves room for children to fill in the silences with their own boundless imaginations” New York Times. “La la la…” A little girl stands alone and sings, but hears no response. Gathering her courage and her curiosity, she skips further out into the world, singing away to the trees and the pond and the reeds – but no song comes back to her. Day passes into night, and the girl dares to venture into the darkness towards the light of the moon, climbing as high as she can… Now, will she be heard? With an enchanting palette and captivating expressiveness, Jaime Kim brings to life Kate DiCamillo’s endearing character in a transcendent landscape that invites readers along on an emotionally satisfying journey.