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Kids Can Cope: Face Your Fears


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Publication Date         2020
Publisher                   Free Spirit Publishing
Author                      Gill Hasson
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9781631985294


All children feel afraid at times, from being afraid of the dark, to monsters, to things that might happen, and need manageable, step-by-step strategies for coping with their fears. This book reassures children that everyone feels scared sometimes and that being afraid is not silly. Kids will learn that they can face their fears in a number of ways:
Take action, like having a night-light so it’s not too dark
Set a goal, like be able to ride a rollercoaster without being afraid
Take steps toward feeling less scared, like playing an instrument in front of one person, then more, then the whole school
Stop scary thoughts, by telling them, “Go away! I’m not listening!” Fears are a natural part of growing up, but with these tools, kids can learn to develop courage and face their fears. A section at the back of the book provides additional ideas and activities for children and offers adults tools and ideas for talking with children about coping with fear.