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It’s Hard Being a Kid




Publication Date         2007
Age Display               12-17 years
Publisher                   B.E.S. Publishing
Author                      Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       36
ISBN                         9780764135866


From a child’s point of view, life can often seem difficult–but this brightly illustrated book–one in a set of twoLive and Learn titles–encourages children never to be afraid of a challenge. It’s all right to be a little scared about things that seem hard to do, but whatever the challenge, determination and practice can get them through. Boys and girls will empathize with the little girl in this book. She has to go to school, do homework, and eat vegetables that she doesn’t like. It seems to her that grownups are lucky, because they can do as they please. This story demonstrates that everybody has obligations to meet–especially grownups–and most of the time, it’s more fun to be a kid. The text is simple and the illustrations on every page are appealing. Four pages presenting activities for children appear at the back of each book, followed by a two-page section for parents, with tips on explaining the subject in more detail.