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I Help


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Publication Date         2020
Publisher                   Free Spirit Publishing
Author                      Cheri J. Meiners
Format                      Board Book
Pages                       24
ISBN                         9781631984532


“I know lots of people who help me.” Even very young children often respond naturally to the needs of others and want to give comfort and help. As they see family, teachers, and community members helping them, they may want to do helpful things as well. “I’m a helper too. I want to show that I care.” Positive and friendly, this board book encourages toddlers to notice the ways others help them and recognize some of the many ways they can help others. From simple gestures like offering the baby a pacifier or giving comfort to a friend, to bigger tasks that involve working with others to wash the dog, pick up toys, or plant a seedling, children see that they can make an important contribution. “’I’m big enough now to help in a big way.” As children become more aware of the feelings, needs, and wants of others, they can learn simple and ordinary responses that show empathy and caring to those around them. A section for adults offers tips on talking about the book together, along with activities for encouraging children to help others. Access to a digital download with ideas for opportunities for toddlers to help in their community is also provided.