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I Calm Down


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Publication Date         2020
Publisher                   Free Spirit Publishing
Author                      Cheri J. Meiners
Format                      Board Book
Pages                       24
ISBN                         9781631984556


“Sometimes things seem hard, and my feelings are really big.” Strong emotions can be overwhelming for young children, and at times they need help identifying and coping with what they’re feeling. “I want to feel peaceful. I won’t hit or hurt.” Gentle and encouraging, this board book helps toddlers work through strong feelings like anger and worry. Children learn to use deep breaths, mental images, and other simple strategies to calm themselves. With straightforward words and warm illustrations, I Calm Down helps children understand that feelings change and that their own actions can make a difference in how they feel. When their feelings are too big to manage, children can ask for help and comfort from a trusted adult. A section for adults offers tips on talking about the book together, along with activities for helping children learn to calm themselves. Access to a digital download with ideas for helping toddlers feel calm is also provided.