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Hide & Speak Italian


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Publication Date         2005
Age Display               7-8 years
Publisher                   Barrons
Author                      Catherine Bruzzone
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       32
ISBN                         9780764131516


This language teaching picture book for boys and girls uses a proven method to teach Italian vocabulary to English-speaking children. Kids can open the book to any right-hand page and they will see two vertical columns. The column at left shows pictures; the right-hand column is a word list in ItalianA a¬aa label for each picture. After studying the page and pronouncing the words out loud several times, kids cover the pictures with the bookA a¬a s front-cover flap and recite each word as they try to recall its picture. Next, they uncover the pictures, but cover the word list, using the bookA a¬a s back cover flap. With the pictures to prompt them, they must try to repeat the correct words to match the pictures that they see. Words and pictures are grouped according to a series of themes that include “On the Farm, In the Classroom, At the Zoo, At the Beach, “and others.