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Hand-on History! Ancient Greece


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Publication Date         2013
Age Display               
Publisher                   Armadillo
Author                      Richard Tames
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       64
ISBN                         9781843229643


Step into the world of the classical Greeks, with 15 step-by-step projects and 350 exciting pictures. You can delve into everyday life in the past to find out what the ancient Greeks ate, where they lived, the games they played, the clothes they wore, the heroes they admired, and the people who made history. Fact boxes provide extra insights and highlight links with the present. It is packed with over 350 photographs and illustrations, including cross-section diagrams, historical maps and a pictorial timeline. It features 15 simple and enjoyable projects that enable you to recreate the past – construct a miniature Parthenon, paint a dolphin fresco, make a comic mask, and learn the ancient Greek alphabet. It is ideal for home or school use for 8- to 12-year-olds. You can discover the spectacular achievements of this ancient civilization. You can learn about the creation of the Olympic games; the beginnings of modern medicine and philosophy; travel, trade and warfare; and the dawn of democracy. A selection of 15 practical projects help to bring the past to life – make a vase, sculpt a scary Medusa, and play the Greek game of knucklebones. The projects are shown in specially commissioned step-by-step photographs and will make learning stimulating, exciting and fun, either at home or in the classroom.