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Eyewitness Climate Change




Publication Date 2021
Publisher DK
Author DK
Format Hardcover
Pages 72
ISBN 9780241490358


Become an eyewitness to the world’s climate emergency and learn what we can do about it.

Get the facts about how our planet’s climate is changing and what the consequences will be. This essential guide explores Earth’s climate, past and present, giving you the facts and figures behind one of today’s most urgent issues, and investigates what we can all do to make a difference.

DK Eyewitness Climate Change explains why human activities are making the planet heat up –and how we know for sure that this is the case. This global warming book explores the effects of the changing climate, from more frequent hurricanes and wildfires to melting ice caps and rising sea levels. It shows how scientists predict how the climate will change in the future, and what actions we can all take to combat climate change.DK