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Exploring Space


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Publication Date         1/11/2018
Publisher                   Walkerbooks
Author                      Martin Jenkins
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       64
ISBN                         9781406379815


A fascinating account of space exploration with lavish cross-section illustrations by Stephen Biesty, covering early astronomy, rockets, the Space Race and the future of space-travel.
Revisit the story of the Apollo 11 moon landing in time for the 50th anniversary! The extraordinary story of space exploration, from Galileo’s telescope to the launch of the International Space Station – and beyond! Martin Jenkins’ accessible and wide-ranging narrative covers early astronomy, the history of flight, the Space Race, the day-to-day of astronauts in the International Space Station and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and considers where future missions might take us. Stephen Biesty’s magnificent cross-section illustrations lay bare the intricate workings of space probes and shuttles, the Mars Curiosity Rover, spacesuits and Soyuz rockets. Back matter includes a comprehensive timeline and glossary of terms. With hours’ worth of detail to pore over, this is the perfect gift for all space enthusiasts, young or old.