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El Nuevo Nino del Barrio (Vive y Aprende) (Spanish Edition)




Publication Date         2009
Age Display               4-9 years
Publisher                   Barrons
Author                      Jennifer Moore-Mallions
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       36
ISBN                         9780764141829


Titles in the Live and Learn series take a child’s point of view–especially the view of children who either suffer from some physical challenge or lack self-confidence in going about their everyday activities. Kids are sometimes troubled when their family moves to a neighborhood and they lose many of their old friends. This story demonstrates that with just a little effort, kids can quickly make new friends and enjoy a happy life in their new neighborhood. This attractively illustrated picture storybook series encourages kids to understand themselves and overcome problems that have troubled them. Following each story are four pages of suggested activities that relate to the book’s theme. A final two-page section offers advice to parents. Live and Learn titles are available in both English and Spanish language editions. This is a Spanish language title.