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Do Not Disturb the Dragons


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Publication Date         29/09/2020
Publisher                   Bloomsbury
Author                      Michelle Robinson
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       224
ISBN                         9781408894880


Two intrepid girls go from ladies-in-waiting to knights-in-action when they rip up the rule book and go searching for adventure!

Wondermere is the luckiest kingdom in the land, all thanks to the dragons that nest on top of the castle. Nobody wants them to fly away, so everyone has to FOLLOW THE RULES and make sure everything STAYS THE SAME to keep the dragons HAPPY.

Grace HATES the rules. They stop her doing everything she loves, like PLAYING TROLLO and WEARING TROUSERS and training to be a BRAVE KNIGHT. Why do boys get all the FUN!

Determined to prove that the rules are a LOAD OF OLD SWAMP ROT, Grace and best friend Princess Portia secretly enter the year’s BIGGEST TROLLO TOURNAMENT. A couple of rule-breakers couldn’t possibly disturb the dragons … could they?