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DK findout! Rubbish




Publication Date 2021
Publisher DK
Author DK
Format Hardcover
Pages 64
ISBN 9780241481073


About DKfindout! Rubbish
Find out how to live more sustainably, manage waste in a better way, and create an eco-home!

Rubbish tells us a lot about how humans have lived in the past, how we’re living now, and the impact our waste disposal has on the environment. To create a more sustainable future, it’s important that little eco-warriors know about the different types of waste and how to create less rubbish!

DKfindout! Rubbish is a fun, trivia and activity-filled book that teaches young children between 5 and 9 years old about the problems the planet is experiencing with waste. An engaging read that will give young activists the ideas to start making a difference:

– Covers topics such as “Electronic waste”, “Food we waste the most”, “Recycling ideas for kids” with a clear visual approach
– Includes a glossary to help explain new or tricky terms
– Contains flaps at the beginning and end that provide extra core references and a quiz to draw children into the content of the book
– Features dynamic, highly visual presented topics including a spread about art made from rubbish
– Checked by specialist consultants and an educational expert to make sure the information is trustworthy and age-appropriate

Thought-provoking and timely, DKfindout! Rubbish educates and challenges young readers to ask questions about how rubbish is created, disposed of, the biggest contributors to excess waste such as fast fashion, plastic, and electronics – and how they can counter the effects of these culprits.

An important yet colourful sustainability book for kids, this title teaches children how to produce less waste and how to manage waste better! They’ll learn about recycling, up-cycling (even creating art from rubbish!), how to stop wasting food, and why plastic is a problem.

The DKfindout! series introduces children to a range of exciting topics in a fun, engaging way. Checked by specialist consultants and an educational expert, this is not only a source of information you can trust but one that is age-appropriate and supports your child’s schoolwork. Other titles include DKfindout! Science, DKfindout Animals, and DKfindout! Forest.DK