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Publication Date         6/11/2014
Publisher                   Walkerbooks
Author                      Nicola Davies
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       40
ISBN                         9781406357424


Meet the animal kingdom’s most competent killers in this fascinating natural history book.
Stabbing and strangling, poisoning and drowning, electrocuting, exploding, dive-bombing and even death by glueing! Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures great and small have evolved to become masters of murder: from dive-bombing peregrine falcons to exploding carpenter ants, from electric eels to spitting cobras. The ingenious and often hilarious means of survival that both predators and prey employ are entertainingly explored in this celebration of all things deadly. With fantastically funny illustrations by Neal Layton and highly original explanations and advice on how we can all peaceably share our world, this book cannot fail to enlighten and engross. This is one of six books in the Animal Science series – the best biology series ever!