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DC Comics Year By Year New Edition




Publication Date         2019
Age Display               7-9 years
Publisher                   DK
Author                      Alan Cowsill
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       376
ISBN                         9780241364956


Embark on an amazing adventure through more than 80 years of DC Comics history! Explore the evolution of DC Comics from Superman first taking to the skies in 1938 to the Rebirth of the DC multiverse and the final countdown of the Doomsday Clock. Comics, characters, and storylines are presented alongside background information and real-world events to give readers unique insights into the DC Universe. Now fully updated, this spectacular visual chronicle is written by DC Comics experts and includes comic book art from legendary artists such as Bob Kane and C.C. Beck to latter-day superstars like Jim Lee and Tony Daniel, and many more of DC’s finest talents.