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At Home/En Casa (Bilingual First Books, English-Spanish)




Publication Date         2001
Age Display               2-6 years
Publisher                   Barrons
Author                      Clare Beaton
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       24
ISBN                         9780764116926


Friendly teddy bears teach new words to very young children–and in two languages! Bilingual First Books give little boys and girls an early start in learning a foreign language at the same time that kids are learning their own language. Books are arranged as a series of brightly illustrated two-page spreads, each spread showing teddy bears engaged in an activity that kids will recognize immediately. A simple word that describes the activity is presented in English on the left-hand page and in Spanish on the right-hand page. This attractive little volume is entirely bilingual, and will find a welcome place in homes where the children’s parents’ first language is English, or Spanish. A word pronunciation guide appears on the last page.