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Art Stamping Using Everyday Objects


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Publication Date         2015
Age Display               6-8 years
Publisher                   B.E.S. Publishing
Author                      Bernadette Cuxart
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       36
ISBN                         9781438006529


Art doesn’t have to be an expensive production of paints, brushes, and other supplies. When it comes to encouraging kids’ creativity, the everyday items we have around the house can be just as good as fancy art studio materials. Barron’s new Art Painting series shows children just how easy it is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with dozens of really unique and totally do-able projects using supplies that can be found in the kitchen, pantry, or linen closet! With a little imagination, simple items like coffee, sponges, bottle caps, aluminum foil, old newspaper, and even cotton swabs can be used to create a masterpiece! Clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions include material lists, advice for preparing the workspace, and notes for when an adult’s help is needed. Endless inspiration for aspiring young artists as well as teachers and parents! In Art Stamping Using Everyday Objects, foam, pencil erasers, and our own two feet make great stamps for games, cards, and more.