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Publication Date         2016
Age Display               7-10 years
Publisher                   Tuttle Publishing
Author                      Elaine Russell
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       64
ISBN                         9780804844277


All About Thailand is a new Thai book for kids ages 8 to 12 which brings you on an incredible journey to exotic Thailand. Thailand is a place where a modern culture thrives in one of the world’s most ancient countries. Your guides in this adventure are two Thai children: Mali is a 9-year-old girl from the countryside and Tawan is an 11-year old boy from Bangkok. Travel with them as they explore their land—experienced its fascinating wildlife, beautiful handcrafts, sports, games, celebrations and, of course—great Thai food! They’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in Thailand, and they’ll show you all the things that kids in Thailand love to do. With this Thai culture and history-for-kids book readers will:
Visit with elephants and monkeys
Learn new fun and challenging games
Share Thai myth, fairy tales and fables
Get a taste of the Thai language and learn a song or two
Make things that let you experience Thailand’s beliefs, celebrations and culture
Experience the unique flavors of Thailand with a few easy, yummy recipes
And lots more!
Along with fun facts, you’ll learn about the spirit of the Thailand that makes this country and its people unique. All About Thailand is a book for parents and kids to enjoy together!