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Publication Date         2017
Age Display               7-10 years
Publisher                   Tuttle Publishing
Author                      Willamarie Moore
Format                      Hardcover
Pages                       64
ISBN                         9784805314401


A cultural adventure for kids, All About Japan offers a journey to a new place—and ways to bring it to life! Dive into stories, play some games from Japan, and learn some Japanese songs. Two friends, a boy from the country and a girl from the city, take us on a tour of their beloved land through their eyes. They introduce us to their homes, families, favorite places, school life, holidays and more!
Celebrate the cherry blossom festival
Learn traditional Japanese songs and poems
Make easy recipes like mochi (New Year’s sweet rice cakes) and okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza or pancakes)
Create origami frogs, samurai helmets and more! Beyond the fun and fascinating facts, you’ll also learn about the spirit that makes Japan one-of-a-kind. This is a multicultural children’s book for families to treasure together.