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A Walk in Paris


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Publication Date         5/3/2015
Publisher                   Walkerbooks
Author                      Salvatore Rubbino
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       40
ISBN                         9781406360066


Join a young girl and her grandad as they walk round Paris – explore a bustling market, marvel at its beautiful buildings and indulge in tasty treats in this child-friendly tribute to an incomparable city.
Paris – the most beautiful city in the world! The most romantic! It’s the perfect place for a girl and her grandad to spend the day. Join them as they explore Paris’s iconic landmarks and experience its culture and style first-hand: visit a traditional street market, climb to the top of Notre-Dame, wander through the Tuileries Gardens and gaze up at the Eiffel Tower. Salvatore Rubbino’s friendly text and fresh, lively illustrations beautifully capture the delight of a young visitor experiencing the wonders of Paris – the City of Lights!