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A Timmi Tobbson Adventure: Legend of the Star Runner




Publication Date         20/03/2018
Publisher                   Freshabooks
Author                      J.I. Wagner
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       168
ISBN                         9783963267772


The reader is the hero Each chapter ending features one beautiful illustration, showing the challenge Timmi, Lilli and Marvin are currently facing. Examining the picture will allow the reader to find a solution and help them get through the adventure.Read – Examine – Solve! in a bold adventure story Grandpa is in deep trouble. Following the clues concealed within a centuries-old family legacy, Timmi Tobbson and his friends hope to save the day. But only twenty-four hours remain to unravel the legend of a long-lost pirate ship, buried somewhere deep beneath the city streets. Unbeknownst to them, their search awakens a mystical dark power, sworn to protect what is hidden on board the once famous Star Runner.about friendship, perseverance and courage These character traits aid our protagonists in their race against time and adversity. In a very unobtrusive manner, the story shows that when push comes to shove, inner values matter most. that gets kids’ eyes off screens and onto paper.Video games are great fun. Kids and adults alike highly value their entertainment factor which results in less books being read. One of the reasons for the success of video games is that every few minutes the player is rewarded, leading them to frequently experience a feeling of achievement.This book is designed to achieve the same. It is divided into 31 brief chapters, each of which ends by confronting the reader with a question to be answered by examining a beautiful illustration. The result is not only highly entertaining, but also equally rewarding, capable of capturing the attention of today’s video gamers. Fun Facts (Extract) The illustrations of most Timmi Tobbson characters were inspired by actors and/or their fictional characters from well-known movies.”Marvin” was inspired by Gaten Matarazzo’s performance as Dustin in Stranger Things.”Sir London” was inspired by Christopher Lloyd’s interpretation of Dr. Emmet Brown in Back to the Future.”Lotterlulu” was inspired by Johnny Depp’s character Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Dustin Hoffman’s performance in Hook.”The Guardian” was inspired by the looks of American actor, director and producer Danny DeVito.”Lilli’s Grandpa” was inspired by Sir Sean Connery’s portrayal of the father of Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade.This book contains a puzzle which is unrelated to the story and involves all thirty-one main illustrations.