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A Step-by-step Course in Watercolour 


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Publication Date         2014
Age Display               General
Publisher                   Anness Publishing
Author                      Angela Gair
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       96
ISBN                         9781844762323


This is a project-based book on the techniques of watercolour painting for the beginner. It includes 12 projects for you to try, such as flowers in a blue jar, tropical fruit, sunset over the lagoon, and a canal in Amsterdam. You can learn how to use all the classic techniques – working light to dark, painting wet-in-wet, and using gum arabic. It offers expert guidance on using all the necessary materials, including working with tube, pan and gouache paints; selecting brushes and caring for them; and choosing papers, palettes, mediums, jellies and paints. It is a practical, easy-to-follow text with over 175 photographs clearly showing the development of each picture. You can discover your hidden artistic talents with this project-based course. It covers all the different techniques involved in painting with watercolour. This book will teach you how to produce accomplished and attractive works of art, using different techniques and combinations of tone to paint a variety of subjects from a peaceful beach scene to crashing waves. The 12 easy-to-follow projects are designed for the beginner, with photographs making each step crystal clear.Hints and tips throughout the book will guide and enrich your progress. To help you make the best choices when selecting what you need, there is a broad survey of the variety of equipment available, from paper, canvas and brushes to palettes, paints and thinners. This book introduces what is perhaps the most popular painting medium today, and it is essential reading for any artist.