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A Lion Is a Lion




Publication Date         2019
Age Display               3+
Publisher                   Walker Books
Author                      Polly Dunbar
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       40
ISBN                         9781406382822


Dunbar’s unexpected sense of humour make A Lion is a Lion every bit as original as Judith Kerr’sclassic Irish Times. A deceptively simple and funny book” The Daily Mail. From the creator of Penguin and the Tilly and Friends series comes a wicked, rollicking read-aloud which asks the question: Is a lion still a lion if he … wears a hat? And carries an umbrella? Is a lion still a lion if he … arrives at your door and invites himself in with a “How do you do?” (Isn’t he polite!) And is a lion still a lion if he asks for a dance? What about when he licks his lips and says, “Oh yes, lunch would be lovely, thank you…” Is a lion still a lion then?