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180 Days of Problem Solving for Sixth Grade : Practice, Assess, Diagnose




Publication Date          2016
ClassDisplay               Grade 6
Publisher                   Shell Educational Publishing
Author                      Stacy Monsman
Format                      Paperback
Pages                       232
ISBN                         9781425816186


Demystify your sixth grade students and build their confidence as they approach complex word problems. This powerful resource goes beyond routine problems to provide purposeful, daily activities that strengthen the critical thinking and reasoning skills needed to advance to the next level. With the changes in math standards, it is crucial that teachers have a classroom resource that offers a deeper understanding of math concepts. Each week students are introduced to a standards-based concept with fun, engaging activities. During the week students explore visual representations, analyze different approaches, discover diverse ways to handle non-routine problems, and see how these skills apply in real-life situations. Aligned with national standards, 180 Days of Problem Solving prepares sixth grade students for college and career readiness.